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Need help understanding our FAQs Exterior Cleaning services? Look no further than Complete Exterior Cleaning’s Frequently asked questions page. Our team has compiled a list of the most commonly and frequently asked questions about exterior cleaning to help you make informed decisions and get the information you need, when you need it.

How do you clean interior gutters of debris on a second story safely:

We use a bucket and scoop to clean the debris, we will ensure that the ladder is on flat stable ground and install ladder arms to rest against the roof and not the gutter. This ensures we are working according to the provincial Working from Heights regulations. For very difficult situations, we will use our industrial vacuum system to collect debris from the gutters.

What does the customer need to do to prepare for house wash or vinyl siding cleaning:

It is important to ensure that we have access to a water tap (faucet) regardless of if it’s in a garage or outside and that the water is turned on. Secondly, during the house washing process we ask that all the windows are closed tightly while we make your house sparkle when using our water fed pole.

What happens if the downspouts are plugged or clogged with debris:

 To ensure proper flow of water, we will either use a plumber’s snake or try to free the debris then flush them out with water. The second option means taking the downspout apart with a screwdriver, cleaning out the debris, re-assembling it, and flushing it.

What chemicals are used to clean the vinyl siding or exterior gutters:

Generally, we can remove dirt, stains and grime using our water fed pole with water. In some cases, we will use mild detergents, or environmentally friendly products and then completely rinse the surface afterwards.

In which order do you clean the exterior windows:

In most instances we will use a mop & squeegee system and start at the back of the house, then move towards the side and front. Once all windows have been cleaned, we will do a second walk and final check of them. In very difficult situations we will use our water fed pole and filtration system.

What tools do you use for power washing:

We use up to date power washing equipment including surface washers, extended wands for multi story buildings, 300 foot of hose and multiple spray tips. In some instances we will employ a soft wash system.

Is the truck equipped for multiple services at one location:

The Mercedes Sprinter van is fully equipped with latest technology including multiple ladders, safety equipment,  window cleaning tools, power washers, hoses, degreasers, gutter cleaning tools, etc., to ensure that we can tackle any job that may arise during the exterior or interior cleaning process.

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